Instagirl Contour Kit

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This is a blendable, easy to apply, powder & cream contour kit CONTOURING AND HIGHLIGHTING; BRINGING ANOTHER DIMENSION TO YOUR SUPERSTAR FINISH Contouring is the art of shading, highlighting and adding depth to enhance your facial structures. Darker tones shade and give the illusion of a smaller area which gives shape and softness to the face - lighter tones, lift, and highlight the facial structure.
What it does:
Perfect blend for convenience to go from work to wow in minutes! Dust a little blush on the apples of cheek for a kiss of colour! Tips & Tricks:
  • Start with Perfect Brows
  • Colour Correct with Millennial Girl Palette
  • Blend with Dual Ended Contour Brush
  • Lift and open the eye with highlighter from our Master of Illumination Palette. Highlight Cheeks, eyes, down the nose, bow of the lips and décolletage
How to use:
  • Barbara and Beverley is to add more highlight to under the eyes, down the nose, forehead and in between the hollow of the cheeks and the jaw
  • Alice is a highlight contour shade for medium to darker shades
  • Skin tones in-between Alice and Barbara can be blended together
  • Shirley and Anita for maximum shading is a natural bronze shade for low lighting, for more depth on forehead, hollows of the cheeks, either side of the nose and jawline
  • Vivien, for a kiss of colour is a blusher for warm or cool skin tones
  • Anita and Beverly for layering to a deeper shade and highlight after cream contouring or for touch ups to go from Desk to Diva! to Wow!