Brow Powder

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This is a high fashion, dual sided, brow perfecting brow powder


Create your perfect brow. This dual sided brow powder gives depth of colour to suit any occasion Use lighter shade for a smokey finish and deeper shade at night or simply mix the 2 shades together. The darker shade is also for great for touching up areas such as gaps, inconsistent growth patterns and back of tails.


Clients with patchy / sparse brows, can spot darker shades in these areas to fill, widen thin, and bushy brows for a light blend or softer finish and natural look.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Apply using Garbo & Kelly Brow Guides to shape
  • For brow wow apply Garbo & Kelly Pomade on top of Brow Powder for a high fashion finish
  • Set to finish with Garbo & Kelly Brow Gel
  • Lift and open the eye with highlighter from our Master of Illumination Palette

Problem solve: Patchy / sparse brows, soft, smokey looks

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